Friday morning bacon: Shame on you Subway edition

May 7th, 2010
Written by Mark

Never insult a Sicilian’s intelligence. #justsayin

It’s Friday Morning Bacon time, when we celebrate all the smart | inspiring | cool | hip stuff that we saw on Twitter in the past week. We curate the best that we saw and place them briefly on a pedestal—the very pedestal that we permanently reserve for the greatest of all things, bacon.

So it was much to my chagrin that while enjoying a drive along the lake this week, I heard a new radio spot for Subway that—to quote Michael Corleone—insulted my intelligence. The spot in question claimed that “pepperoni is the new bacon.” Being of Sicilian descent (like the aforementioned Mr. Corleone) I can say that pepperoni certainly is delicious. But let’s not get crazy Subway. It is definitely not the new bacon.

With that, we serve you this week’s platter.


Bud Caddell is serious about changing behaviors

Everyday @Bud_Caddell heads to work in Brooklyn as a Senior Strategist at Undercurrent and proceeds to fry bacon. His Twitter stream is one of the hottest damn frying pans out there. In fact, this week he lands two crispy strips on our list.

The first is his post on The Theory of Planned Behavior. Pull up a chair and dig into smart. Once you’ve finished, vote for his post here.

While you’re still in that chair (I hope it’s comfortable) chew on this post he tweeted titled Privacy and Publicity in the Context of Big Data, a transcript of Dana Boyd’s (@zephoria) razor-sharp presentation from the WWW2010 conference. Dana, you get all the damn bacon you want for this thoroughly readable and judicious treatise.

“Privacy and Publicity in the Context of Big Data” – hot off the keys by @zephoria


The creative team for the post digital age

True story: I shucked oysters at Legal Sea Foods in 1983 to bring home the bacon.

Edward Boches lives in Boston. I used to live in Boston. Edward Boches is an advertising refugee. I am an advertising refugee. Edward Boches is a brilliant, articulate change agent. Did I mention I used to live in Boston?

Not only does his superb post “The new creative team and getting it to work” provide a manual for assembling creative teams in the post digital age, it provided the perfect ending to my 5 stages of grief post.

In a word, astute. RT @edwardboches The new creative team and getting it to work

The piping hot bacon resting on the paper towel is for you, sir.


Vending Spree

We’ve started with some pretty serious reading, so let’s bring it down a notch—all the way down to junk food. While not to be confused with bacon, junk food has it’s own merits and when someone builds Vending Spree a site devoted exclusively to the consumption and subsequent review of everything in the office vending machine, well dammit, that’s bacon! Thanks to my friend in D.C. Wendy Harman (@wharman – who humbly goes by the title Red Cross social media lady) for putting this on my radar screen. And Matthew Baldwin, if a foil pack of Bac-Os shows up in there, I want a complete report.

Best site ever RT @matthewbaldwin New project: I’m going to consume and review every item in my office vending machine.


How great leaders inspire action

The Bard of Bacon @adny serves you this excellent new TED talk by Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why. It clocks in at approximately 18 minutes (enough time to fry a pound, i believe), but is a wonderful reminder that the common thread between all great business starts with an unwavering belief system. In short, it’s about the “Why” and not the “What.”


Twitter: the emergence of collective intelligence

When our own @deziner isn’t modeling t-shirts for @TeecycleTim or eating a Barrie burger @ajbombers (single patty, cheese, peanut butter and—wait for it—bacon!), she’s scanning Tweetdeck for thought-provoking stuff. She came across this intriguing post on MIT’s Technology Review site about the power of the RT. Which, ironically, had no RT button.

Wait. Why does this post about the power of the retweet, not have a retweet button? #justsayin


London Calling

@adny found this one too. Crazy is right. Or, my favorite term of his—”nice!” An intricately hand drawn and scalable map of London. Do you smell what I smell? Yeah, it’s bacon.

crazy hand-drawn map of London


Ten Provocations

It wouldn’t be bacon without something from the first inductee into the Bacon HOF @faris. I don’t believe this came through the twitter stream, but was mystically referred to with a link in his post Cheating is Beating. The above deck by Richard Huntington, and the Alex Bogusky presentation that the entire post focuses on are musts. (Side note, my buddy Luke Oeth @lukazoid said he felt like he was being hypnotized by Ten Provocations. Good stuff).


Hi, I’m Carol Bartz … Are You an Asshole?


I saw this Esquire piece tweeted a lot, so I’m not going to try to attribute it to one person. Friday morning bacon is really an “in case you missed it” curation. Maybe you read this already, but maybe you didn’t. You should because Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo! tells a damn good story. She’s funny. And she swears a lot. I want to meet her.

People actually ask me: “When are you going to drop the f-bomb?” I say, “What do you think, put a dime in my ear and then it comes out? No, but get me worked up about something and who knows what’ll come out.”

Carol, I so identify with that. This slab is for you.


1972 Future Shock documentary narrated by Orson Welles

Good lord, where do I even begin with this? The only analogy I can muster is that this YouTube video is a magical platter of bacon, and each time you take two strips off, another two appear. I mean, Orson Welles explaining Future Shock on a moving walkway in an airport while smoking a HUGE cigar. Dude, you would be so shocked to find out you can’t smoke that cigar in an airport anymore. Add in synthesizers, 70s era graphics, and huge mainframes. Oh, and Orson Welles continuing to narrate while traveling to a country manor in a Rolls Royce. I’m going into bacon-induced cardiac arrest.

just found this : Alvin Toffler’s Futureshock narrated by a very sinister Orson Welles

My new follower Divya Sharma @div_ise tweeted this. I. can. not. thank. you. enough.


The skunkworks burger w/ bacon

I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of this burger. I will, however, eat all evidence.

I have absolutely no idea where I was (guess) or where this picture came from (cough, my iPhone) or why on earth it’s existence is so damn mysterious. What I do know is that as you can see, it has bacon on it, which makes it absolutely delicious. I also know that I had a Schlitz “Tall Boy” with it, and came up with a great idea while talking to @raffel and @deziner that we’ll be asking many of you to contribute to starting at next Tuesday’s Translator Lab Hours. At least I think it was a great idea. Maybe it was the Tall Boy.


That’s what we’ve got for this week. Did you seem some bacony awesomeness out there that we missed? Let us know below and we’ll spread it.