Why is it…

May 22nd, 2012
Written by Cindi

… sitting down to write a blog post seems like one of the most intimidating things on earth?

… people hear the exact same words you do, but walk away with completely different meaning?

… we say we stand for one thing, yet it’s so easy to¬†act in contradictory manner?

… the default is ok?

… we search for inspiration, yet squander opportunity?

… choose to believe others over our own intuition?

… we don’t do what we know should be done?

… we fail to ask “why” more often before accepting things as fact?


… we don’t ask these same questions regarding our own businesses/brands?


Just some thoughts. What are yours?




  1. One of my favorite things about this crazy business is most of us are trying not to be in it. One of my least favorite things about this business is the need to prove an intuitive idea through logic. One of the most mediocre things about brands is the dress code. And I’m pretty sure the default is Minion. Which can’t be a good thing.

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