Milwaukee Icarus Session #3: (Organized by Seth Godin)

Wednesday, 3/6
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Translator 415 E Menomonee St.
Milwaukee WI 53202

The Icarus Sessions are a challenging new way to bring your art forward. Not to make a sales pitch, not to get customers or patrons, but to find the courage to stand up and say, “here, I made this.”

A presentation at an Icarus Session is 140 seconds long. You can go shorter, but not a second longer. You can use slides, or handouts, or even better, just bring your enthusiasm. The assignment: Tell the group about your art. What have you created? What frightened you? What matters?

If you want to present let Katie (katie at translatormke dot com) know ahead of time.

The last two sessions have been great and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you at session 3.

Sign up for the next session here.